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Catch the Pull Lamp and Magnet Reading Glasses on The Living Room!

Loooqs Pull Lamp

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The pull lamp from Loooqs brightens the darkness. It reminds us of the old, provisionally suspended light bulbs, but it is a modern, energy-saving LED light at a second glance, which can be hung wherever it is needed. Get your own here!

See Magnet Reading Glasses

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The See Magnet Magnetic Reading Glasses are always at hand as they stick to any metallic surface. The have a soft touch finish. come in a range of colors to suit your ever changing mood, and even available with a stand. Go take a look!

XD Design Odin Safety Torch - As seen on The Living Room!

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Odin is the help you need during any car break down or even an accident. All necessary tools from safety light and torch to safety hammer and seatbelt cutter are combined in a robust body.

Compact and stylish, the Odin fits neatly into your glove box or side units. Its easy-to-use functions include a powerful torch and red flashing warning light, with magnetic strips allowing the torch to be fitted to the top of your car. Click here to order one for yourself!

Catch all our products on The Living Room!

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Elvis Beep-Egg

Beep Egg Classic is a precise egg-timer, which is boiled together with your eggs. Once yolk and egg-white have reached the desired degree of hardness, this singing, floating egg timer will serenade you to achieve culinary "perfeggtion".

Cocoa Fondue Set

Cocoa is a fondue set that increases the pleasure of desserts. Use it with friends, or at the end of a romantic dinner. The set includes 4 sticks and a tea light.

SOI Handbag Light

SOI can automatically detect an approaching hand and will begin to illuminate. When there is no hand in sight - it stays off. SOI is made as narrow and compact as possible and only takes up as much space as necessary. Rest assured, it is large enough to sufficiently illuminate!



XD Design Ginkgo Solar Tree - As seen on The Living Room!

The Ginkgo from XD Design is a astonishing solar charger. Ginkgo comes with a extra large 4.000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery to store your clean energy. This unique design is based on the Japanese Ginkgo tree. This design solar charger is made from eco-friendly plastic and bamboo. On the aluminum base there is a small black grip located to use as phone or tablet standard while charging. A green LED light will pop up when charging the Ginkgo. With one push on the indicator the other 4 blue lights will display the status of the battery.

The Ginkgo can rapidly charge your phone in 2 hours. Furthermore it has enough juice to charge your phone two times! The Ginkgo is great for daily use. Click here to buy your own!



Koziol Party Set Pi:p with Tree - As seen on The Living Room!

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Your winning team for any get-together, Pi:p is a refreshing new interpretation of the popular party picks and an attention-getter on any buffet.
A fun accessory for finger food, tapas and everything else that’s begging to be picked up.
And only a click away!

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