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Blue Q Breath Sprays, Lavatory Mists, and Hand Sanitisers Back in Stock!

After a nail-bitingly long wait in customs, the products that we ordered through Blue Q have been given the all clear and have arrived safe and sound at our warehouse. This is great news for us and even better news for all you who have been so patiently waiting for more shipments of Blue Q Breath Sprays, Lavatory Mists and Hand Sanitizers. 

As always, please call us on 02 9906 7878 or click through to our wholesale orders page above to place your order. Our stock may be full at the moment, but remember that it is always strictly limited, especially with these kind of products.



Sydney Trade Show:
24th-28th February 2018
ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre
(14 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour)
Optoco has been an industry leader in retail supply for over 25 years now, which is why we are so excited for you to come visit our stall! Ours will be absolutely bursting with the latest amazing products from the hottest brands, as well as plenty of the old favourites, and our entire team will be there for a chat.
Reed Stand - D41
For all you new or interested customers, please make sure to register for wholesale orders through our website. Go to our Shopping page for instructions.


A huge thanks to everyone who joined us at our trade show this August!

Melbourne Trade Show:
5th-9th August 2017
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
(1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf)

This year Optoco celebrated 25 years with two amazing stands bursting with new brands and new products. Thank you so much for coming to see us and helping us celebrate this awesome landmark!



Check out the Luminoodle - Featured on The Living Room!

Click any image below for a link to our preferred stockist

We were featured in Homespun!

Take a look at us and our Blue Q Sew-It Shoulder Tote in Homespun, April 2017 (No.167). If you're looking to purchase a Sew-It Shoulder Tote for yourself, you can purchase one through our preferred stockist here.



Light Up Your Life with the Luminoodle Light Rope and Lithium 4400 Battery Pack

Whether you are camping, biking, or doing handy work, the Luminoodle provides a bright, spread out light to see your surroundings. It is flexible, waterproof,  and powered by any USB battery or power source. Luminoodle comes with universal ties, embedded magnets, utility loop, and a lantern bag so you can stick, strap, hook, or hang it to add light to your night.

The Lithium 4400 is the perfect companion for anyone who can't have their mobile devices dying on them. It packs enough power to keep your gadgets charged for days yet is small enough to carry around in your pocket or bag everywhere. Plus it has a crazy bright built-in lantern that can last 30+ hours? Yeah, so take that darkness!

Take a look at this dynamic duo now!

Loooqs Pull Lamp

Loooqs hanglamp trekkoord met led detail grande

The pull lamp from Loooqs brightens the darkness. It reminds us of the old, provisionally suspended light bulbs, but it is a modern, energy-saving LED light at a second glance, which can be hung wherever it is needed. Get your own here!

See Magnet Reading Glasses

Red magnet 1 grande 4c401188 e91e 460f a08d cfa115faef56 grande

The See Magnet Magnetic Reading Glasses are always at hand as they stick to any metallic surface. The have a soft touch finish. come in a range of colors to suit your ever changing mood, and even available with a stand. Go take a look!

XD Design Odin Safety Torch

Odin is the help you need during any car break down or even an accident. All necessary tools from safety light and torch to safety hammer and seatbelt cutter are combined in a robust body.

Compact and stylish, the Odin fits neatly into your glove box or side units. Its easy-to-use functions include a powerful torch and red flashing warning light, with magnetic strips allowing the torch to be fitted to the top of your car. Click here to order one for yourself!

Elvis Beep-Egg

Elvis grande

Beep Egg Classic is a precise egg-timer, which is boiled together with your eggs. Once yolk and egg-white have reached the desired degree of hardness, this singing, floating egg timer will serenade you to achieve culinary "perfeggtion".

SOI Handbag Light

Image manager  shadowbox soi packshot grauer hintergrund fu  r homepage grande

SOI can automatically detect an approaching hand and will begin to illuminate. When there is no hand in sight - it stays off. SOI is made as narrow and compact as possible and only takes up as much space as necessary. Rest assured, it is large enough to sufficiently illuminate!

Koziol Party Set Pi:p with Tree

Piep partypiekser atmo 1 grandeParty piekser baum atmo grandeParty piekser pip atmo 2 grande

Your winning team for any get-together, Pi:p is a refreshing new interpretation of the popular party picks and an attention-getter on any buffet.
A fun accessory for finger food, tapas and everything else that’s begging to be picked up.
And only a click away!


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